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Lettering in a wreath

Saturday afternoon doodle-painting and lettering.


Line-art · Portraits · Watercolour · Watercolour Pencils

Illustrations from the week

These are illustrations I made during the week -I’m enjoying the simplicity.

Here I used fine-liners and watercolour paint. I do love the little floral doodles in this one.

I started the  week  off using a fineliner, initially, for the line art but a later tried acrylic ink (and surprised myself by achieving a softness I don’t quite feel I managed to achieve in Inktober).

First portrait using acrylic ink for the line art (and watercolour for the background).


And just today I used watercolour pencil… I’d even forgotten I had those it had been so long. I thought I might try the black for shading.


Here I used a fine-liner and the black watercolour pencil for shading.



Portraits · Watercolour

Abstract Illustration

This I drew a few days ago. I thought I’d colour it digitally but watercolour won since I felt a simple and abstract bit of colour would do.


Final Three Mushrooms! [Day 5-6-7]

Now that this challenge is through I’m kinda wishing it would go on. But then I remembered last year around this time I came up with a list of weekly challenges… I only did  about three in total and I’m wondering if I should continue on.

It sounds very appealing. Perhaps I’ll start with flowers.

**P.S. I must be the worst blogger in history lol! I left this in draft status and its not the first time I’m doing this guhh …anyway better late than never right.


Mushrooms Week, Day 1 & 2

Day 1: King Trumpet

Day 2: Fly Agaric

This week I’ve joined in on a challenge by an artist on instagram who’s lettering/calligraphy inspires me. Starting Sunday; the first prompt was the King Trumpet and day 2 was the Fly Agaric (better known as Fly Amanita). These were my contributions. I’ll be posting Day 3 and 4 (today) a little later on. 🙂 Hope your weeks going well (despite the apparent chaos in the world).


Patterns · Watercolour

More watercolour patterns!

These are the latest patterns I’ve has the pleasure of making. ^_^


Animals · Watercolour

Watercolour Jellyfish 

​I painted these little sea nettles yesterday. I painted lots of abstracts while I was away in hopes of sharing when I return but somehow I don’t feel like posting any of them. Instead I have this oomph to just paint and share whatever comes to mind. – Like jellyfish! Which I just love (don’t touch these though – they sting!) ^_^


Animals · Watercolour

Watercolour spotted deer

fawn-watercolour-sisshart.jpgI painted these using paint directly onto the page no planning out shapes or outlines with pencil. I do this when I’m anxious about the subject – if I go straight into it, its less likely I’ll think myself out of finishing it… sometimes it doesnt work but when in does I can go on and on (case and point I had planned to do just 1 deer here). I should have stopped before the final one (the leaping fawn) but I was on a roll lol.


doodle art · Patterns · Watercolour

Watercolour pattern making

​Thought I’d get started with some pattern making this afternoon. Simple watercolour flowers built up layer by layer. Will be making so many more of these!

abstract · Inktober 2016 · Watercolour

Eruptions and Chasms [Inktober Day 31]

An abstract using acrylic ink and watercolour (burnt umber and burnt sepia) for the last day of Inktober. Phew! I had loads of fun but feel somewhat exhausted and am tempted to take a week long break but knowing me I’ll only make it a day at most away from painting. (I’m already thinking of that waterfall abstract that I haven’t had time to work on…). Lol we’ll see.