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Digital illustration sketch

Thought I’d share process photos of this recent Krita illustration.
I started the sketch with a colour my niece was drawing with before me (she loves using my equipment and I can never say no – she’s so delightfully careful for a 5 year old so she’s earned my trust easy, but mostly its just plain fun with her around if I’m really honest).
I’ve found drawing with a different colour peps you up a bit so I think I’ll just keep doing it.
This is not done yet, I think, so I’ll leave it at this stage for now.




Mushroom Week Day 3 & 4

​Continuing on with day 3 & 4’s mushrooms; Saffron Milk Cap and Cremini respectively.

I’m having fun looking at a whole lot of reference images and taking note of the different elememts I like in each before attempting my illustration. I feel like by doing this I can manipulate the angle’s I want better (and not need an image in front of me in that particular angle). Haha who knew I’d learn so much from drawing little mushrooms! 😀



Sale at Redbubble!

I just heard there is a site wide sale happening over at Redbubble and everything is 20% percent off! If you head over be sure to use this code TAKEOFF20

Here’s a few of the stuff I have on there (more like my favourites lol). Click on each image to go straight there:

mugstandardx400right-bgffffff-u1 tb1200x1200small-2u1




Trees and mountains

​I’m so excited about these mountains! Simply because I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull them off. I had it in mind to paint mountains and trees on this page but roughly three days ago I got the trees done and chickened out on painting the mountains so today I told myself if I get them wrong its a learning curve I not its a yay. And I’m happy to say its a ‘yay’, lol at lesst they’re waay better than I thought I’d do. 

(Sorry about the grainy image – my scanner is down, my camera sucks AND its overcast [soo looking forward to rain this evening!])



Inktober challenge prep!


I’ll be joining in on the Inktober event this October.  I’ve been seeing the hype over on instagram and thought it would be cool to join in the fun so I’ve hopped right on in.
I’m feeling pretty excited about it. I’m curious to find out just how comfortable I can get with inks. I’m looking forward to the simplicity but I’m a bit worried about the results I might get. I like line art but shading/fleshing out in ink is a bit tricky for me. But I think the challenge would be good for exploration in the very least.

Heres a pic of my basic tools:

I’ll be using my copic brush pen, Twin Touch marker (new – will be trying this brand for the first time, I bought it especially for the challenge – I hope I like it), fineliners (the one pictured is the Unipin 0.3 that I use the most), acrylic ink (not pictured) and a bottle of indian ink that I bought long ago on sale for next to nothing but just haven’t had something to use it on. I’ll also be using the pencil for sketching which is allowed so, yay.
If you want to know more check this link out; all the rules (only 4) are there as well as some tips and a prompt list, which I’ll be falling back on if I find I don’t have inspiration on that day…


Attempt at a rose

​This was painted a while ago. If you can’t tell – its a rose (just squint and blur your eyes and you’ll see lol). Painting realistic flowers is harder than it would seem. When done well they look so effortless, delicate and pretty and fresh. Mine looks as if its about to fall off! Lol. It was good to try though and I’m sure I will again soon.


I’ve been Wired!


So I’ve been featured and interviewed! ^_^ I’m so excited I had to share.
I got interviewed over at The Black Lion Journal and featured over at The Wire’s Dream Section!

The Black Lion Journal is an interdisciplinary journal of academia, reviews, aesthetics, interviews and inspiration and I’m so glad I got to be part of it.

The Wire’s Dream Section is a magazine that showcases creative content from a diverse artistic community – featuring art, poetry, photography amongst other disciplines. My submission has been chosen as the inaugural submission so that’s super exciting!
These are the direct links to each:

The interview
The Feature

Do check out the rest of the TBL site as they have loads of really interesting and informative articles, interviews and features on a regular basis.
Also submissions are open and more than welcome if you’re interested! ^_~

Stay Inspired!




I’m on Etsy!


I’ve opened up an Etsy shop! I’ve already uploaded some of my paintings as digital prints – for now. I was looking for a simpler way to get it done than I have been doing all this time. With Etsy even if the file gets lost on your computer or wherever you had it stored its not a big deal since its always on your etsy downloads.
And another Etsy pro is that I can put up my originals up as well at a later stage.
Feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts. Feedback is welcome (and needed ^_^). Wish me well!


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Busy Busy Busy

Today I have a mixed-up post.  Firstly I want to show you some sketches I’m really happy with. I’ve gotten five drawings better (in my mind when I started off I would draw a whole lot of rubbish sketches before I got one right, then that went to about 3 now I’m at 4/5 good drawings in a row AND on a single page lol)

I didn’t even have time to clean these up. But yeah I consider this progress! 😀
The scanner cut this off and I don't have the chance to re-scan but not much is cut off anyway.
The scanner cut this off and I didn’t have the chance to re-scan but not much is cut off anyway.

The most time consuming thing I did today was preparing to ship off some originals that have been purchased (^_^!!!).
I revamped my image and I’m loving the new look. I used my little doodle cutouts to create a new invoice template, and business cards, finally.
And then I also painted bookmarks to go with (I love adding freebies – who doesn’t ^_^). I love mail and equally love posting stuff so putting it all together was tons of fun.

cutting up the printed business cards
cutting up the printed business cards.
Final business card design... tried to keep it super simple.
Final business card design… tried to keep it super simple… and yeah I added digital art on there ^_^ – I think I’d like to pursue this more seriously and putting it on the card seals the deal in my mind.

And Finally, I also have pictures of the little bunny I mentioned a while ago… its been 3 weekends already and I haven’t been able to get it right.
Adding in the eyes and mouth (which I’ve decided to embroider) is rather tough. I only get to crochet on weekends and I’ve made 2 bunnies already and while my nieces love them I’m hoping third times the charm with this one. lol *crossing fingers*

If you’re interested – this is the pattern here.


This is the latest bunny – so far I’ve sewed his head, body and one foot… slow progress I know!
This was the first bunny (before doing the eyes) basically the pieces come together to look like this. Also I changed the needle I was using ’cause the stitches weren’t tight enough.


Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!



I’m selling my art!



This week I made the decision to start selling my art!
I’ve had a redbubble profile for a little while but Just never allowed myself to share it with the world – even when people would ask me where they could get my art I’d get all shy and stuff and not really say.
But earlier this week I made a sale of an older painting that gave me an aha moment.
I realised that if I am doing this to see if I really can make it as an artist – then I shouldn’t hide from selling said art either. It would seem common sense but fear is horrible like that…

So I’ll use this post to let everyone know that I have decided on two places to start with (if you don’t count deviantart).


The first is Redbubble – I love how fun and quirky this site is. I’ve uploaded a few paintings, and doodles (which just look so nice on their products! lol) and I’m also cleaning up some of the hand lettered verses/quotes that I’ve done.


The other is Artpal – Has lots of options for framing and matting/mounting and I’ve read some good reviews on it so feel confident about it. But I think I’ll only upload my finer art and illustrations on there as it has a gallery feel.
(I would have loved to try FineArtAmerica but that just felt weird since I’m not American? is that strange? lol)

Anyway I’m still working on getting my other art ready for upload  so I’ll be updating regularly and I’ll also be trying other sites as well  in time (please let me know if you have any suggestions :)).

I’m still working on selling originals so that’s not yet a thing – I’ll let you know when it is!

Aaand thats enough of my self promotion – phew! that wasn’t so bad…
Thanks so much for reading! ^_^