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After three days working on this I decided to call it done. I’m trying to create a more mixed media effect by adding in bits of pastel and pencil marks.



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Lady in Purple


I tried another abstract fashion illustration… I don’t know if ‘trying to layer splashes in a way that it looks like a dress’ counts for fashion illustration lol but I feel like I’m getting somewhere and I’m (mostly) happy with the outcome.



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All Dressed Up



I’m always inspired by fashion illustration and sometimes I’ll ‘dip my toes’ as it were. This is another addition to my intentional attempts… I kinda like it but I’m not sure I’m quite settled on it.


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Digital Abstract Portraits III

Continuing with digital abstracts, I decided to challenge myself and draw guys as well. Drawing male faces is that much harder for me for some reason… but I thought it would be cool to have a go at it either way.The bearded guy took me like three do overs before I finally felt ‘alright’ about it.

The abstract part is its own horror and if I’m not watchful it can get out of hand but its lots of fun all the same.





{These have all been on A3 sized digital canvas’ and today I thought why not try this same style on paper… so I took out an A3 sheet (I usually work half that or smaller) of watercolour paper and so far I have a face in pencil. I’m going to attempt being as bold as I have been with these digital pieces. (I’m saying this to make myself accountable and don’t chicken out) I’ll let you know how it goes ^_^*}


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Digital abstract portraits II

​Still at it with the digital abstract portraits. I’m really enjoying working on these (even though it takes me ages before I can feel good about it!).


abstract · Digital · Portraits

Digital Abstract Portraits

I decided to try painting the same way digitally that I do on paper and came up with these. It was so hard to not go the classic digital route with super fine detail but I think I did it! I will be trying more like this over time. I love the canvas detail background in the first one. In the second I tried a more papery feel.

floral-abstract-lady-sisshart-digital-sml pink-abstract-girl-sisshart-digital-sml





P.S: All my gadgets are getting old so I don’t know if its my phone or the app but  the WordPress app isn’t working right. I’m assuming my phones too old for the past few updates they’ve given it. But I enjoy blogging here too much not to find a way around the inconvenience (it must be the community I’ve discovered since starting this blog – you guys are sooo awesome! ^_~). With that said I will be showing up less frequently… I want to say sorry but then I think you will have less to catch up on in your Reader feed (lol theres a pro side to everything) so its not a completely bad thing.


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Illustrations from the week

These are illustrations I made during the week -I’m enjoying the simplicity.

Here I used fine-liners and watercolour paint. I do love the little floral doodles in this one.

I started the  week  off using a fineliner, initially, for the line art but a later tried acrylic ink (and surprised myself by achieving a softness I don’t quite feel I managed to achieve in Inktober).

First portrait using acrylic ink for the line art (and watercolour for the background).


And just today I used watercolour pencil… I’d even forgotten I had those it had been so long. I thought I might try the black for shading.


Here I used a fine-liner and the black watercolour pencil for shading.



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Abstract Illustration

This I drew a few days ago. I thought I’d colour it digitally but watercolour won since I felt a simple and abstract bit of colour would do.

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Girl in Beanie [Digital X Traditional]

A while back I made this. But never got around to posting. I have these process pictures up here as well to share with you. So initially I’ll  take a picture of the pencil/ink sketch with my camera; open that picture in Photoshop; clear it up as much as I can without loosing the ‘natural'(?) feel, save it, and open it again in Krita – because its more fun to paint on Krita. And what I’ll do is create separate layers for skin, hair and clothes to make it easy to fix up potential errors while painting. Sometimes if I want to play around with make up/skin details I’ll make another layer for that too.

I tried making this into a video but my video editing skills aren’t that great yet so text it was. (I’ve tried in the past though and got to post that here. Some nice people wanted to see my drawing process and Youtube was the first thing I thought lol).

sketch-sisshart.jpeg     first_colour-sisshart.jpeg     colour_buildup_sisshart.jpg

On another note, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with social media these days and will be staying off it (if I can!) for a bit (the plan is to come back 10 days into the new year).

I wish you the best merriment throughout this season and an exceptional New Year! ^_^


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Windy Starry Night [Inktober Day 24]

My approach today was different – I went straight in with acrylic ink without any pencil or planning. I made a lot of blunders but kept my mind open about building it up either way and I’m so glad I did. 

I didnt have any inspiration but dove in anyway and suprisingly, found it along the way. Sometimes all you need is just the first part or a small part of the painting in mind and take it from there I guess.

I used my gold ink pen that I’d forgotten all about until today for the stars! ^_^ – that was quite fun.
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