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Manga girl that didn’t work out

This was an attempt to draw a character that struck me from a manga (probably by Yamamori Mika) that I was reading not so long ago. It was short side story but I liked the character so much I thought I’d try drawing her. I didn’t get the expression quite right so I ended up doing my own thing after a while not really trying to make it the same anymore. The hair is pretty close though.

Again I used the bright pink/purple colour to sketch with.. ^_^

The brushes I used here were downloaded from here – this guy has created the best watercolour simulation brushes for Krita that I’ve tried so far (and I’ve tried a lot believe me :)).



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Digital illustration sketch

Thought I’d share process photos of this recent Krita illustration.
I started the sketch with a colour my niece was drawing with before me (she loves using my equipment and I can never say no – she’s so delightfully careful for a 5 year old so she’s earned my trust easy, but mostly its just plain fun with her around if I’m really honest).
I’ve found drawing with a different colour peps you up a bit so I think I’ll just keep doing it.
This is not done yet, I think, so I’ll leave it at this stage for now.



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Illustrations from the week

These are illustrations I made during the week -I’m enjoying the simplicity.

Here I used fine-liners and watercolour paint. I do love the little floral doodles in this one.

I started the  week  off using a fineliner, initially, for the line art but a later tried acrylic ink (and surprised myself by achieving a softness I don’t quite feel I managed to achieve in Inktober).

First portrait using acrylic ink for the line art (and watercolour for the background).


And just today I used watercolour pencil… I’d even forgotten I had those it had been so long. I thought I might try the black for shading.


Here I used a fine-liner and the black watercolour pencil for shading.



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Fineliner quick sketch [Inktober Day 21]

​Again I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands today but I did manage to get this little sketch using a fineliner. 


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Fantasy sketch [Inktober Day 20]

​I didn’t have a lot of time today so I did a sketch without a lot of detail using a fineliner. I may go back into it tomorrow or another time.


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Masculine Figure [Inktober Day 11]


I wanted to do a little figure drawing today and since I’m always drawing women, I thought I’d try the masculine form for a change.
I used a tutorial I saw on Pinterest and I tracked back to the artist PhantasmComic over on Deviantart that I found very useful for basics.
I tried the continuous-line style once again, since last time it made drawing with a fine-liner a lot less daunting. I wasn’t up to participating today so with the little oomph I did manage, this technique was rather handy. Plus I like how it doesn’t ask to look perfect and neat which I didn’t feel up to and didn’t have the time for anyway. I have final touches to do on a commission piece and then I’ll finally get to SLEEP. Lol I’m way too tired for a Tuesday.


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Continuous Line Drawing [Inktober Day 5]

​For todays piece I thought I’d try the drawing in the contunuous line technique. I hadn’t really tried it before because it honestly didn’t seem possible but my goodness was I proved wrong. This took roughly 15 minutes at most and it suprised me how possible it was to create something postable. It took me holding the pen loosely and creating a little distance between me and the drawing to get it done. I thought I’d have proportion and shading issues but I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t know why I was ever scared to try this before.
Confession: I did lift the pen off the page a few places but I continued from the same place so I think that still counts. =^_^=
Credit: I copied this character from an artist (@ericanthonyj) that I just recently discovered on instagram.

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Floral Ink [ Inktober Day 2]

Fineliner, acrylic ink and watercolour

For today’s piece I used a fineliner over a pencil sketch and although I did a whole page in my sketchbook practising hatching, crosshatching, stippling and the like with the fineliner (I found an artist on Youtube named Alphonso Dunn who has lots and lots of very useful pen and ink tutorials), but in the end I chickened out of using the techniques in an actual drawing. (I feel I still need a lot more practise lol). So instead (after putting the drawing aside for most of the afternoon), I decided to use acrylic ink for shading.

The thing about drawing in with pen is I’ve had to be more decided about how I wan’t my image to look and I’m not used to that but I’m loving the push. Usually I let myself be lazy about the sketching part but in this case I had to know from the get go and plan out the detail from early on. This is more freeing and enjoyable than laziness will convince you!

When I was done I couldn’t help but add that little bit of colour in –  a soft pink (Alizarin Crimson + Vemillion Hue + Chinese White) and sap green, here and there.


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But first, tea. [Inktober Challenge – Day 1]

I ‘d say a nice cuppa tea is a good way to get things going… goodness knows I’m a heavy procraTEAnator… =^_^=

I had just made a cup and was looking through my weheartit canvas for inspiration when I found an image of a woman holding a cup of tea and thought ‘perfect, I’ll draw this for day 1 of Inktober’… then I realised I’d actually have to draw the hand. I almost changed my mind but reminded myself the whole point is to challenge myself for this month.

I focused so hard on getting the hands to look like hands that I realise now I should’ve focused a bit more on shading as well. I’m thinking I might go back into it with inks or with pen after I do some practise shading techniques. (Which I really should get down to sooner rather than later).

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Digital Sketching practise


I used an old traditional sketch to work on this. I’m still getting warmed up to digital painting again. And to the painting program I’m using – Krita. I only got to use it for a short while before my old drawing tablet broke and its since been updated to a 3.0 version. Its a cool little tool, plus I love supporting free and open source software so thats extra feel good points for me. ^_^