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Adding a little flare to my letter doodles



This felt so much like drawing… I love it. I picked up my nieces jumbo beginner pencil (it was the closest thing right then) and just doodled away. I erased and edited a LOT but it felt freeing lettering this way…

Here are a few more using a regular 2B pencil this time ^_^

I’ll think I might be vectoring these a bit later.





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Watercolour pattern making

​Thought I’d get started with some pattern making this afternoon. Simple watercolour flowers built up layer by layer. Will be making so many more of these!

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Feather Sketches [Inktober Day 23]

​More doodles for today! Feathers are always soo much fun.

I used the same tools as yesterday’s doodles; farthest left used the aquash with ink+water mix, farthest right the Touch Marker and for the five in the centre I used a fineliner.

Inktober Challenge info.

doodle art · Inktober 2016

Inky Doodles [Inktober Day 22]


Here are some doodles I made for todays Inktober.
The first few were done in acrylic ink using the aquabrush I mentioned before that I filled with a mix of the ink with water. I was having fun with it but then I thought to try my other tools as well, on the same page. I’d already done fineliner doodles in the past but never in direct comparison on a single page.
The Touch Marker was last but just like I remembered; it bled too much on the watercolour paper. The last time I used it was when I tried it on the bleedproof paper pad I bought long ago (around the time I first got the copic markers) and it was lovely to work with on that. I’m thinking maybe its just too new and full of ink – I’m hoping after a little use it will bleed less?


doodle art · Inktober 2016

Doodle flowers [Inktober Day 15]


Not sure what exactly I was getting at here but I had ink in my aquash and wanted to do a little doodling. And this happened. After I was done I felt a little colour would be good so I splashed in a bit of watercolour. I really like this but I feel it could be a bit more refined and a little less chunky. I keep bookmarking styles to go back into/explore during this Inktober challenge – I hope I actually do find the time (hopefully later on in this challenge if I run out of ideas).

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‘Be Nice First’ [Inktober Day 9]

​I havent’t handlettered anything this whole week and today was a good day as any to practise. I’m noticing I’m most comfortable lettering in this style, although sometimes I do try to variate a bit since I’m still exploring. I’ve noticed finding a style with lettering is just as involved as it is with art (which I still feel far from having figured out yet… all in due time).
The leafy doodling was fun. I did all of it in acrylic ink which gave us both a break to do something easier going since the last two paintings created a strain between us (Am I personifying the ink a bit too much? Lol =^_^=).

For more about Inktober follow this link.

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Focus On The Good quote


This was actually quite interesting to do. I used a single doodled watercolour bubble on both the flowers; played around with shape and colour and it turned out like this. Digital is so much fun! the flower doodle was from an old doodle garden I tried once.


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We Rise By Lifting Others quote

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately (by my own dreams no less)… and I couldn’t get anything done proper.

So I ended up doodling. Doodling always has a calming effect and I’m so glad I thought to do it, its been quite a while since I’ve done it. After I got two whole pages filled up; I felt good enough to edit a few on my computer. This is the first quote I put together:

I lettered the quote with watercolour if you can tell ^_^



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Wreath practice

​I spent most of my time drawing characters today but none of my sketched concepts were making me happy enough to make a painting/illustration out of. So I took a break and moved to fiddling  with those doodles I painted the other day. It took way longer than I thought it would but I’m happy I got it done. I didn’t have time to clean up a handletterrd quote though so it’s an empty one for now. 


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Happy 1st Day of Spring


happy_springThe significance of today kinda ‘sprang up’ on me mid-morning. I completely didn’t realise Spring was here so soon! So I felt compelled to paint-doodle some flowers. And then decided to have a little fun with digital clipping and pasting. I had it in mind that I would like to but I kept the page neat enough so that if I decided not to after all I could post it up as is.