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Dreaded Headwrap girl

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I drew this out on paper long ago but never really felt like adding colour to it. More recently, I thought it would be fun to play around with so I made it a digital sketch and swapped the background to look like kraft paper.

I love how it looks like soft pastels. I did use a cont茅 brush for the hair; I think maybe thats what adds to the effect? Either way this was lots of fun.


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Repeatable patterns {downloadable!}

I made these in Inkscape… I’ve always wanted to be able to create tile-able patterns. And now I know how, yay! Happily for me they are just as fun to make as they are to use.

Those geometric flowers were created by pure chance, I was fiddling with the star and polygons creator and found that tweaking the ratios, even just a bit, creates all sorts of interesting shapes. This is why I love Inkscape – its super simple and not intimidating to play around in!

I’ve loaded them in the order that I created them… I bet聽you can tell. 馃槈

(If you want to use these for anything feel free to right click + save.)



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Dreamer girl

I started this long ago and kept making adjustments to it over time. I think I’m happy to stop here.

I want to add more detail but I feel like I’ll get lost in it and get way too detailed; then I’ll regret wasting all that time adding abundant detail that I’ll later want to remove but will keep because I won’t want to feel like I wasted energy, time and effort. So I’m playing it safe and will keep it minimal like this. Hopefully I’ll find a balance soon.


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Girl With Twist Hairstyle

I’m still working with those watercolour brushes that I mentioned before. I’m really enjoying the natural feel of them. You can tell the creator worked really hard on them.
Anyway, what I did this time was draw the line-art with the default brush that comes up on Krita instead of the pencil brush. (Mostly because I keep pressing the button on the stylus by mistake and it reverts to it, lol, so rather than get annoyed repeatedly, I just went with it :D)


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Manga girl that didn’t work out

This was an attempt to draw a character that struck me from a manga (probably by Yamamori Mika) that I was reading not so long ago. It was short side story but I liked the character so much I thought I’d try drawing her. I didn’t get the expression quite right so I ended up doing my own thing after a while not really trying to make it the same anymore. The hair is pretty close though.

Again I used the bright pink/purple colour to sketch with.. ^_^

The brushes I used here were downloaded from here聽– this guy has created the best watercolour simulation brushes for Krita that I’ve tried so far (and I’ve tried a lot believe me :)).



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Digital illustration sketch

Thought I’d share process photos of this recent Krita illustration.
I started the sketch with a colour my niece was drawing with before me (she loves using my equipment and I can never say no – she’s so delightfully careful for a 5 year old so she’s earned my trust easy, but mostly its just plain fun with her around if I’m really honest).
I’ve found drawing with a different colour peps you up a bit so I think I’ll just keep doing it.
This is not done yet, I think, so I’ll leave it at this stage for now.



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Unposted sketches

These are a few sketches from my absence that I didn’t get to post on here. I was posting on instagram聽for a bit to try and keep myself going. I mentioned on there that sketching was basically all I seemed to be able to churn out. I’m working on getting out of that funk though, so, soon I’ll be experimenting with colour again and also fleshing out some rougher sketches (like the ones below).

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After three days working on this I decided to call it done. I’m trying to create a more mixed media effect by adding in bits of pastel and pencil marks.



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Lady in Purple


I tried another abstract fashion illustration… I don’t know if ‘trying to layer splashes聽in a way that it looks like a dress’ counts for fashion illustration lol but I feel like I’m getting somewhere and I’m (mostly) happy with the outcome.



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All Dressed Up



I’m always inspired by fashion illustration and sometimes I’ll ‘dip my toes’ as it were. This is another addition to my intentional attempts… I kinda like it but I’m not sure I’m quite settled on it.