Grey Abstracts

I’ve been getting cozy with abstracts lately. Taking a break from illustrating and all that. There are loads more that I haven’t photographed yet… I’ll get around to it soon enough.

The thing I love about these is the use of grey. Grey is one of my favourite colours (peach is too – and a few pastel colours) but I always find that hard to admit to people. I feel like grey is given a rather hard time but in my mind its a simple colour that doesn’t try to be anything and it happily blends (and even highlights) other colours. Not to mention it makes knitted clothing seem that much cozier ^_^.

Anyway enough with personifying colours, lol – these are the abstracts I have for you so far:

“Stumbling Block” Acrylic, watercolours and gesso on A4 w/colour paper.
“Secret Place” The title for this one was inspired by Psalms 119:114 and 91:1 Acrylic, watercolours and gesso on 203 x 254 mm (8 x 10″) paper.
“Crashing Waves” Acrylic, watercolours and gesso on 203 x 254 mm (8 x 10″) paper.
“Steam” Acrylic, watercolours and gesso on 200gsm, 203 x 254 mm (8 x 10″) paper.


Keep well and thanks for reading!


abstract · Digital · Portraits


After three days working on this I decided to call it done. I’m trying to create a more mixed media effect by adding in bits of pastel and pencil marks.



abstract · Digital · Portraits

Lady in Purple


I tried another abstract fashion illustration… I don’t know if ‘trying to layer splashes in a way that it looks like a dress’ counts for fashion illustration lol but I feel like I’m getting somewhere and I’m (mostly) happy with the outcome.



abstract · Digital · Portraits

Digital Abstract Portraits III

Continuing with digital abstracts, I decided to challenge myself and draw guys as well. Drawing male faces is that much harder for me for some reason… but I thought it would be cool to have a go at it either way.The bearded guy took me like three do overs before I finally felt ‘alright’ about it.

The abstract part is its own horror and if I’m not watchful it can get out of hand but its lots of fun all the same.





{These have all been on A3 sized digital canvas’ and today I thought why not try this same style on paper… so I took out an A3 sheet (I usually work half that or smaller) of watercolour paper and so far I have a face in pencil. I’m going to attempt being as bold as I have been with these digital pieces. (I’m saying this to make myself accountable and don’t chicken out) I’ll let you know how it goes ^_^*}


abstract · Digital · Portraits

Digital abstract portraits II

​Still at it with the digital abstract portraits. I’m really enjoying working on these (even though it takes me ages before I can feel good about it!).


abstract · Digital · Portraits

Digital Abstract Portraits

I decided to try painting the same way digitally that I do on paper and came up with these. It was so hard to not go the classic digital route with super fine detail but I think I did it! I will be trying more like this over time. I love the canvas detail background in the first one. In the second I tried a more papery feel.

floral-abstract-lady-sisshart-digital-sml pink-abstract-girl-sisshart-digital-sml





P.S: All my gadgets are getting old so I don’t know if its my phone or the app but  the WordPress app isn’t working right. I’m assuming my phones too old for the past few updates they’ve given it. But I enjoy blogging here too much not to find a way around the inconvenience (it must be the community I’ve discovered since starting this blog – you guys are sooo awesome! ^_~). With that said I will be showing up less frequently… I want to say sorry but then I think you will have less to catch up on in your Reader feed (lol theres a pro side to everything) so its not a completely bad thing.



Hidden Path {Abstract Art}


“Hidden Path” acrylic + watercolour on canvas panel sized 356 x 457 mm (14 x 18 inches)

It took quite a few layers of acrylic paint + watercolours (and a few weeks) to get this final abstract done. I used an old CD that I cut on a side to spread the paint around in the larger areas (this is the largest I’ve worked and my regular tools were too small haha so I thought to create a makeshift tool!).

This was fun and I love the image that came about – I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how my abstracts always take a landscape turn at some point. I’ve decided to stop worrying about it and use it as a guide instead. Now my abstracts aren’t done until I ‘see’ one. I have a thing for caves and I love waterfalls so this feels like a cool mix of the two.

I worked on a canvas panel sized 356 x 457 mm (14 x 18 inches). I didn’t think I’d enjoy working large very much but it has been fun. Can it get more extreme though; one week I’m finishing a large artwork the next I’m doing miniatures… I enjoy both, so why not? 😀


PS: I’ve put it up on Etsy if you fancy it 😉

abstract · Landscapes

Abstracts Update

‘Lake Fall’ Acrylic & watercolour on a 6×8″ canvas panel
“Abstract Shore” Acrylic and watercolour on a 6×8″ canvas panel
6×8″ canvas panel – I’ve already started over with this one since I painted it directly from photo. It was good practise though 🙂
​These are paintings that I did recently. The last was an old one that I found half done; I had been painting it from a photo and although I finished it from memory I still feel uncomfortable calling it my own. So while I’m happy with how it turned out I have already applied gesso over it to start over with an original image. 

The former two are me playing around with texture and palette knives and abstraction. Both imagined landscapes… I’m noticing water seems to always feature in my abstracts in some way – mostly as waterfalls. I’m lovin’ it.^_^


P.S. the roses and pendant in the first image were made by me =^_^= lol sorry I just love how they turned out (I made them with cold porcelain) and had to share about it!


Enchanted Waters Abstract

“Enchanted Waters” Acrylic and watercolour on 210 x 297mm Stretched Canvas

I wanted to share the finished painting of the abstract waterfall that I posted progress pics of a little while ago. The exciting extra news is its been sold (and is now on its way to its new home as I type^_^) But I thought I’d share the end result all the same.
I thoroughly enjoyed painting this; mixing watercolour and acrylic is even more fun on canvas! And painting waterfalls is so soothing and enjoyable for me. I think I might try making a series? I haven’t thought of painting in a series in a while – its something I’d love to try one day.

abstract · Inktober 2016 · Watercolour

Eruptions and Chasms [Inktober Day 31]

An abstract using acrylic ink and watercolour (burnt umber and burnt sepia) for the last day of Inktober. Phew! I had loads of fun but feel somewhat exhausted and am tempted to take a week long break but knowing me I’ll only make it a day at most away from painting. (I’m already thinking of that waterfall abstract that I haven’t had time to work on…). Lol we’ll see.