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Digital illustration sketch

Thought I’d share process photos of this recent Krita illustration.
I started the sketch with a colour my niece was drawing with before me (she loves using my equipment and I can never say no – she’s so delightfully careful for a 5 year old so she’s earned my trust easy, but mostly its just plain fun with her around if I’m really honest).
I’ve found drawing with a different colour peps you up a bit so I think I’ll just keep doing it.
This is not done yet, I think, so I’ll leave it at this stage for now.




5 thoughts on “Digital illustration sketch

  1. Hello Sissh,

    That is nice of you to let your niece use some of your equipment, I think that is great that you are helping her with art, I hope to be able to pass on some helpful knowledge to my nephew CC when he gets old enough. 🙂

    This was a nice sketch, I like the colors, and I think that this style could work well for online avatars.

    Last week, thanks to another blogger (Flynn), I learned that Microsoft already released Paint 3D through one of the past major Windows 10 updates so I already had it and I did not know it 😀 , it can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

    Keep up the good work,
    -John Jr

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    1. Aw thanks John Jr, she’s really fun company so its a win-win lol. I’m so sure you’d be a great uncle to CC, anyone can tell you love him lots! 😀

      Ooo Paint 3D looks like a lot of fun! I don’t know if the the coolest part would be creating with VR glasses (even if you don’t need them necessarily) or printing your creations in 3D.
      I like the simple layout and how easy it seems to be to use… if you get around to using it please be sure to write a little review on it?

      Thanks for the compliments on my work – I really appreciate that! ^_^

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      1. You are welcome and thank you very much. 🙂

        I think that both of those options sound amazing, and I also do not know which is the coolest. 😀

        Sadly, I will probably not get to use it much because I do not really do art unfortunately, but if I do I will try to keep that in mind. 😉

        You are welcome, and keep up the good work.

        -John Jr


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