Sorry I’ve been away…

I feel bad for how long its taken me to write this. A part of me just wants to keep it in, pretend, and just go straight back into it like nothing happened but blogs are for sharing and although I still can’t talk about it, I want you guys to know the reason at least. My Dad passed away recently and it just literally stopped me in my tracks.

I know, that my Dads spirit is safe in Jesus, so in that light his death isn’t the end. But, still, it really was a shock all the same in the natural. Although he was sick for a while we just didn’t expect it. In our minds although he was on chemo, the doctors were doing their best and telling us good things so we had high hopes even though they hadn’t quite figured his illness out yet. I wasn’t able to work very well while he was ill and even less so after it happened and added to that  we had to move house which had its own anxieties and stress.

I don’t want go into detail but I do want to apologize for being away for so long without saying anything. I didn’t plan on staying away, I just… stayed away. And that was sucky of me, I know… especially since I’m a big believer is pushing forward no matter what happens in life, making time for people and showing kindness and love no matter the situation. But this hit me really hard and I just closed up (like I wasn’t mean and bitter or anything I just auto-piloted for a bit and that to me is the worst kind of kindness – lacking heart).

Anyway, I’m not sure I’m okay yet but I have an eternal hope in Jesus, and since part of faith is action, I have to keep moving and building a life to be happy with even though I’ve lost one of the people who I would love to enjoy it with.

I want to hold myself accountable and let you guys know that I will be getting back to pace soon with uploads. And I will be checking in on everyones blogs even sooner! (I can’t wait to see what everyones been up to. ^_^).


P.S.: I’ve turned off comments to this post but I thank you for your kind thoughts in advance. And thank you for your other comments on other posts; I will be going through those right after posting this. 🙂