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Digital Abstract Portraits

I decided to try painting the same way digitally that I do on paper and came up with these. It was so hard to not go the classic digital route with super fine detail but I think I did it! I will be trying more like this over time. I love the canvas detail background in the first one. In the second I tried a more papery feel.

floral-abstract-lady-sisshart-digital-sml pink-abstract-girl-sisshart-digital-sml





P.S: All my gadgets are getting old so I don’t know if its my phone or the app but  the WordPress app isn’t working right. I’m assuming my phones too old for the past few updates they’ve given it. But I enjoy blogging here too much not to find a way around the inconvenience (it must be the community I’ve discovered since starting this blog – you guys are sooo awesome! ^_~). With that said I will be showing up less frequently… I want to say sorry but then I think you will have less to catch up on in your Reader feed (lol theres a pro side to everything) so its not a completely bad thing.



7 thoughts on “Digital Abstract Portraits

    1. Thank you Carol! And yep, best decision ever starting a blog on WP! ^_^ …IG is going smoother for posting immediately after I finish a painting but I can’t say I enjoy it more (blogging feels less stressful somehow tbh).

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