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Illustrations from the week

These are illustrations I made during the week -I’m enjoying the simplicity.

Here I used fine-liners and watercolour paint. I do love the little floral doodles in this one.

I started the  week  off using a fineliner, initially, for the line art but a later tried acrylic ink (and surprised myself by achieving a softness I don’t quite feel I managed to achieve in Inktober).

First portrait using acrylic ink for the line art (and watercolour for the background).


And just today I used watercolour pencil… I’d even forgotten I had those it had been so long. I thought I might try the black for shading.


Here I used a fine-liner and the black watercolour pencil for shading.




8 thoughts on “Illustrations from the week

  1. Wow. The one with the glasses touches me. I really like her.
    I like watching the different media you use but I still notice you keep to your style, which has a simplicity to it that is heart warming. I like how you drew these girls but still did some color around them. You let them speak as the art piece and the color compliment them. Good art all around.

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  2. We’re given more detail about the “soul” of the girl with glasses. We she she has a style of her own. She wears stylish glasses in the age of contacts. We see jewelry, she’s dressed her hair, she looks straight forward. You’ve given the viewer more detail, more to think about, more to feel.

    I hope you do well with your sales. Your work is beautiful and dedication to it is evident.

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    1. Thank you so much for this! Your kindness is invaluable – you’re a true treasure in the world.
      Sometimes I can see so much in other peoples art but when it comes to my own I sometimes can’t see all the messages that are in there. Its quite refreshing to hear from someone else in more detail 🙂


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