Trees and mountains

​I’m so excited about these mountains! Simply because I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull them off. I had it in mind to paint mountains and trees on this page but roughly three days ago I got the trees done and chickened out on painting the mountains so today I told myself if I get them wrong its a learning curve I not its a yay. And I’m happy to say its a ‘yay’, lol at lesst they’re waay better than I thought I’d do. 

(Sorry about the grainy image – my scanner is down, my camera sucks AND its overcast [soo looking forward to rain this evening!])



13 thoughts on “Trees and mountains

  1. A little tree like the one in the upper left corner is what I seek for my dollhouse. If you would be interested in in offering this page of practice doodles I’d be interested in them. I believe my email address is attached to my comment. If not, it’s on the sidebar of my website. I’m on Etsy as well.

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    1. I think I’ve gotten better at trees since these 😉 I’ll be sending you an email so we can talk a bit more as you suggest. ^_^ Just the thought of painting miniature pieces has me feeling giddy and excited!


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