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Watercolour pattern making

​Thought I’d get started with some pattern making this afternoon. Simple watercolour flowers built up layer by layer. Will be making so many more of these!


15 thoughts on “Watercolour pattern making

    1. Thank you John Jr, I appreciate your thoughts, I agree the lighting goes a long way. 🙂
      The painting you linked to is actually pretty good for a first attempt with watercolour! I’m not super clued up on styles but I’d say its a ‘Expressionist Still Life’ since his inspiration was the memory of the scene…

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      1. Hello Sissh,

        I asked because I commented on Aaron Jorbin’s post twice as a show of support and thanks and I was curious what styles or styles was his painting considered, I do not know him but he is a contributor to WordPress who usually uses tries the default themes on his blog so his blog is one of the blogs that I can look at for an early view of future default themes, but he never allowed my comments (he either left them in moderation or deleted them or marked them as spam) or responded so I decided to ask you instead because you know more about art than me and probably more than him.

        The comments that I made on his post were positive, no links and did not look like spam at all, and I even asked simple questions; and he blogs now almost every day, he is an advanced WordPress user, and so I have no idea why he never allowed my comments or responded because he probably saw them held in moderation.

        But unfortunately, in my experiences so far usually WordPress employees and contributors or more likely to not respond when you comment on their blogs, but to not even allow my comments supporting and encouraging you and asking a simple question about your art is on the extreme side though.

        Thank you Sissh 🙂 ,

        -John Jr


      2. Oh wow that is rather strange… I can’t begin to try and understand why he wouldn’t accept or allow a kind comment. Maybe with it being his first piece he may have had feelings about it that made him not want to acknowledge comments on it? I don’t see comments by anybody else on there so maybe he was just testing the waters… I dont think it was personal if I think about it. But anyway whatever his reasons, good on you for showing support either way. I can definitely say I’ve enjoyed your feedback in the past.

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