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Girl in Beanie [Digital X Traditional]

A while back I made this. But never got around to posting. I have these process pictures up here as well to share with you. So initially I’ll  take a picture of the pencil/ink sketch with my camera; open that picture in Photoshop; clear it up as much as I can without loosing the ‘natural'(?) feel, save it, and open it again in Krita – because its more fun to paint on Krita. And what I’ll do is create separate layers for skin, hair and clothes to make it easy to fix up potential errors while painting. Sometimes if I want to play around with make up/skin details I’ll make another layer for that too.

I tried making this into a video but my video editing skills aren’t that great yet so text it was. (I’ve tried in the past though and got to post that here. Some nice people wanted to see my drawing process and Youtube was the first thing I thought lol).

sketch-sisshart.jpeg     first_colour-sisshart.jpeg     colour_buildup_sisshart.jpg

On another note, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with social media these days and will be staying off it (if I can!) for a bit (the plan is to come back 10 days into the new year).

I wish you the best merriment throughout this season and an exceptional New Year! ^_^



7 thoughts on “Girl in Beanie [Digital X Traditional]

    1. Thanks so much!
      Yeah I do take commissions – thanks for asking. ^_^ I should put my pricelist up here soon but in the meantime if you’d like to know more you can use my contact box or email me anytime.
      Loving your blog btw! ♥


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