Text/Hand lettering

Hand-lettering + another feature! 

I love this verse. I used a copic ciao marker which is great because of the flexible tip that makes lettering that much more fun.

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with updating this blog the past week. I’ve been so busy with freelance work which has really picked up lately (not a word of complaint coming from me though! ^_~) so I’ve only been able to do a little personal art here and there to share with you all; mostly on instagram but I need to change that. So to wind down one of the days I did a lot of practice lettering and ended up with this being the better of my attempts. I’m planning on editing it digitally and adding in some flower doodles when I get time.

I’ve also been really lost about my direction in art lately but not being able to have a good long successive moment to take it all in and really think about it left me feeling rather low and some not mild anxieties.So when The Black Lion Journal posted an update on my art and journey nothing could have picked up my spirits better. I’m beaming and excited because TBL Journal is a site I have tremendous respect for and really enjoy their frequent and informative articles. I’m so appreciative of this. It would be fantastic if you went on to read it (but I can’t promise you that will be your last read on there! ^_^)


11 thoughts on “Hand-lettering + another feature! 

  1. Hey first of all I liked this brush script style! You are good at calligraphy too💜
    May I ask what kind of freelance work? If it’s related to Visual design then I would love to see your that work too. I can share my portfolio link too.. Thanks friend!

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    1. Thanks so much Snehal 🙂 your kindness is always appreciated. ♥
      I’ve only just recently started so I don’t have a large body of work – at least not enough to feel a proper portfolio is justified? So far I’ve done some book covers and created fantasy fonts for people I know/who know my art… I’d really love to see YOUR portfolio though – I’m so sure it would be inspiringly beautiful! (Btw any pointers and/or advise would be most welcome while I’m learning the ropes. ^_^)

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      1. Ohh dear friend thank you so much for your kind words 💜
        Here is a link to my portfolio. First row projects are the recent one, earlier were done 2 years back when i was working in India as a User Experience Designer and few of them from my college assignments.

        I’m still working on some concepts project just for my practice and skills development. Will upload it soon.
        Heheh me too in the learning phase but still will share with you few thinks which will help you. 🙂 🙂

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      2. Oh my goodness Snehal your work is great! Your logos especially are my favourite and are exceptional I literally gasped at some of them… web design is beyond me but even I can appreciate the work you put into creating those fronts (and of course your fine art is fantastic – thats nothing new! Sorry I clicked excitedly on almost every folder lol =^_^=)
        I will definitely be keeping watch on your portfolio!

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      3. Ohh thanks so much dear friend! You are so kind to say this 🙂 🙂 I’m still in a learning phase, trying my best to create strong design portfolio. Glad you liked my work. Thank you.


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