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Abstracts Update

‘Lake Fall’ Acrylic & watercolour on a 6×8″ canvas panel
“Abstract Shore” Acrylic and watercolour on a 6×8″ canvas panel
6×8″ canvas panel – I’ve already started over with this one since I painted it directly from photo. It was good practise though 🙂
​These are paintings that I did recently. The last was an old one that I found half done; I had been painting it from a photo and although I finished it from memory I still feel uncomfortable calling it my own. So while I’m happy with how it turned out I have already applied gesso over it to start over with an original image. 

The former two are me playing around with texture and palette knives and abstraction. Both imagined landscapes… I’m noticing water seems to always feature in my abstracts in some way – mostly as waterfalls. I’m lovin’ it.^_^


P.S. the roses and pendant in the first image were made by me =^_^= lol sorry I just love how they turned out (I made them with cold porcelain) and had to share about it!


14 thoughts on “Abstracts Update

  1. water themes touch me more than other abstract themes. i don’t know, it just does something to me. i’m drawn to them as art for my home and have recently let myself explore abstract art with water as the main theme.
    as usual, your work is beautiful and inspiring.

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    1. Thats pretty awesome. There must be something about the fluidity and cleansing nature of water and perhaps its ability to envoke peace and tranquility in nature… I find it really intriguing how you would translate it in abstract – your art inspires me; it’s always so full of meaning and depth. I hope one day to get to a level where I can pour myself more deeply into each painting as you do. ♥


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