Auburn haired-lady 

A while back for Inktober I drew this quick little illustration which I didn’t have time to go into with much more detail.

So, yesterday, when I felt like doing a little digital work and thought of it.
I started with the skin and then worked on the hair today. I painted it auburn after a suggestion by a lovely person on instagram.

This is how it turned out:



14 thoughts on “Auburn haired-lady 

  1. Nice work! I’m a bit confused, it’s digital isn’t it? It looks like it’s on paper, but the colours look digital, and you said it’s digital, but there is a pen there… ahah What is it actually? 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Lol yeah its digitally coloured but traditionally sketched. I just take a photo; keep it as a background and paint over it on a new layer(s) – kinda like painting over a photograph. I’m loving blending the two mediums this way and I’m glad you’re liking it as well .^_^

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