Enchanted Waters Abstract

“Enchanted Waters” Acrylic and watercolour on 210 x 297mm Stretched Canvas

I wanted to share the finished painting of the abstract waterfall that I posted progress pics of a little while ago. The exciting extra news is its been sold (and is now on its way to its new home as I type^_^) But I thought I’d share the end result all the same.
I thoroughly enjoyed painting this; mixing watercolour and acrylic is even more fun on canvas! And painting waterfalls is so soothing and enjoyable for me. I think I might try making a series? I haven’t thought of painting in a series in a while – its something I’d love to try one day.


15 thoughts on “Enchanted Waters Abstract

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      Haha I know the feeling – I’ve made more than a few paintings that I was unhappy with but I’ve learned from seeing and talking with other artists that it’s not about perfection – especially with abstracts! I think confusion is legitimately better expressed in abstract. And I’m sure you did better than you believe ^_~

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      1. You’re kind to say that. I don’t expect perfection, but they really were a mess (like you would look at them and you’d just think maybe I should call this one ^dammit”). I’m creative but it just seems lie my talents are better on the goofy side. But you have found your niche, so keep rocking that!


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