Inktober 2016 · Portraits

Windy Starry Night [Inktober Day 24]

My approach today was different – I went straight in with acrylic ink without any pencil or planning. I made a lot of blunders but kept my mind open about building it up either way and I’m so glad I did. 

I didnt have any inspiration but dove in anyway and suprisingly, found it along the way. Sometimes all you need is just the first part or a small part of the painting in mind and take it from there I guess.

I used my gold ink pen that I’d forgotten all about until today for the stars! ^_^ – that was quite fun.
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5 thoughts on “Windy Starry Night [Inktober Day 24]

  1. Good for you working both intuitively and without any guidelines. I do minimal sketching for my ink drawings and paintings but find it a useful comfort zone. Not since attending life drawing classes have I regularly drawin straight on the page with ink. Writing that now I realise I should force myself to do so more. Anyway, I digress. I love the sense of movement in your drawing and the way you made the dark hair emerge from the dark background.

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    1. I always feel like I’m not challenging myself enough so your feedback on this is super appreciated! I’m glad you see movement in this – I tend to feel I don’t pull that off often enough. 🙂 Your digression was interesting and encouraging; sometimes its hard to think other artists settle into comfort zones when they create such good work. I suppose its about striking a balance between comfortable and challenging…

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