doodle art · Inktober 2016

Inky Doodles [Inktober Day 22]


Here are some doodles I made for todays Inktober.
The first few were done in acrylic ink using the aquabrush I mentioned before that I filled with a mix of the ink with water. I was having fun with it but then I thought to try my other tools as well, on the same page. I’d already done fineliner doodles in the past but never in direct comparison on a single page.
The Touch Marker was last but just like I remembered; it bled too much on the watercolour paper. The last time I used it was when I tried it on the bleedproof paper pad I bought long ago (around the time I first got the copic markers) and it was lovely to work with on that. I’m thinking maybe its just too new and full of ink – I’m hoping after a little use it will bleed less?



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