Inktober 2016 · Landscapes

Three Waterfalls [Inktober Day 18]


I’m learning t draw paint with ink a little better. It’s not unlike watercolour in its temperament; it loves to dance on the paper and make its own moves, but unlike watercolour its not easily coercible. Watercolour is a lot more carefree and whimsical whereas ink does not like to be second guessed, especially where you apply it more boldly. I guess that basically means its less forgiving to sum it up.
I’m having fun though, and I’m finding myself being more bold with it in areas. I still need to find a better balance between contrasts and to do that I need to learn how to work with on the wet on dry technique ( I’m really struggling there if you can’t tell).
I had fun creating this little imagined scene, I’m finding I’m really into waterfalls lately. More so than I have been in the past.


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