Inktober 2016 · Watercolour

Another Mori girl [Inktober Day 17]



Had to try another mori girl illustration today. I like it a lot but the face is somewhat awkward. I don’t know if its the tilt/angle, the forehead or both and more (haven’t quite figured it out yet).Anyway I had fun colouring this one in. Again I started off with ink outlines (fineliner) and watercolour paint for colour.


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13 thoughts on “Another Mori girl [Inktober Day 17]

      1. my pleasure! and especially wanted to say how lovely I thought it was, when you mentioned your concerns. its good to hear others thoughts, as we are so hard on ourselves!! 🙂


  1. hey! your painting is absolutely lovely and it’s good to have a constructive criticism for your own work. I think the reason why her face looks like you said awkward is because her eyes are too far apart. Her right eye seems to be too high 🙂 Personally I struggle with symmetry. I hope this was useful.

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    1. I couldn’t see what you meant but I tried adjusting it in photoshop anyway and you’re so right, moving the eyes closer makes a world of a difference! Hmm, I guess I need to do more symmetry studies…
      I appreciate your taking the time to comment on this – thanks! ^_^


      1. I’ve done just that! I popped in and foubd your blog so interesting I had to follow. I’m looking forward to your personal blog – do let me know when its up! 🙂


  2. Hello Sissh,

    I like how things from the neck down turned out with the details on the necklace and clothing (the coloration and lighting and the little extra details including how it seems the wind might be blowing the bottom of the clothing) and skin (the coloration) that gives this a nice light and airy feel.

    -John Jr

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