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Inky Experiments [Inktober Day 13]

Today I decided to tackle the inks again. I’m learning to work with it focusing on the softness they can achieve rather than the contrasts. This is something I was doing on a level; trying to create sharper/bolder contrasts.

After finishing this landscape, and doing a lot of mark-making scribbles on a separate page, I realised that what I like most about ink paintings is the softness that comes up in places/ can be achieved (think  for e.g. the ink and watercolour pieces by Pablo S. Herrero, or this kind of softness! – sorry I don’t know who the artist is).

Tbh I found the softness in the marks I wasn’t trying to make, so I decided my next painting would be an attempt at learning to create the softness. I thought a cloud study would be good for this.


The last painting I have to show you was just for fun and also an excuse to use and experiment with the spritzer and also the blue india ink (which I used over the black sky in the first painting) . I’m not sure if its because I’m using normal water or if the ink is really old but it kind of separates as its drying and looks purple-ey-blue in areas. Can’t say I’m not happy about the variation but I do wish I knew what caused it.



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19 thoughts on “Inky Experiments [Inktober Day 13]

    1. I appreciate your perspective so much Margaret – thank you. ^_^ I think now, that I may have been a bit too harsh on it; I may have focused too much on technique I suppose. But I do need to work on that a bit more. 🙂

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  1. Hello Sissh,

    You have done it again, I am once again surprised by how something that is not ultra realistic can still produce a feeling of realism like this, and how you manage to do this sometimes.

    My first reaction to the first image was a feeling, the feeling of really being outside during the night looking up at the sky and clouds and mountains near a lake, and my reaction to the second image was less strong but there was still a bit of a feeling of looking up at the sky.

    I agree with Margaret Parker Brown about the atmospheric feeling, I love it when art can produce a feeling like that, and it is great when your art manages to achieve this sometimes.

    Well done Sissh 👍,
    -John Jr

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    1. Thank you so much John Jr.! That means so much; that my art can actually envoke a feeling in the person seeing it. I take that as a good sign of progress 😀 I’m glad that somewhere in my fumblings something enjoyable came about.
      Thanks again! ^_^

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    1. Aw! Thanks so much! But honestly most of the time it doesn’t even feel like talent. ^_^ I still do a whole lot of starting over and erasing (if I’m drawing) but I do appreciate your lovely comment. I’ll go check your art out in a minute – I’m sure its pretty cool!


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