Inktober 2016 · Line-art

Masculine Figure [Inktober Day 11]


I wanted to do a little figure drawing today and since I’m always drawing women, I thought I’d try the masculine form for a change.
I used a tutorial I saw on Pinterest and I tracked back to the artist PhantasmComic over on Deviantart that I found very useful for basics.
I tried the continuous-line style once again, since last time it made drawing with a fine-liner a lot less daunting. I wasn’t up to participating today so with the little oomph I did manage, this technique was rather handy. Plus I like how it doesn’t ask to look perfect and neat which I didn’t feel up to and didn’t have the time for anyway. I have final touches to do on a commission piece and then I’ll finally get to SLEEP. Lol I’m way too tired for a Tuesday.


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4 thoughts on “Masculine Figure [Inktober Day 11]

  1. I like the sketch look, it feels more creative to me than a perfect set of lines.
    I looked at the tutorials. I like the one about drawing women. I primarily draw female figures in an expressionists way so I think it’ll be helpful.

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    1. Thank you. And I’m glad you got inspired to try a new style out – art is great for its freedom to explore! I must say though, that the women in your art are very fitting for the stories you tell and style you tell them in. They add a beautiful element that draws you in. ♥


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