doodle art · Inktober 2016 · Text/Hand lettering

‘Be Nice First’ [Inktober Day 9]

​I havent’t handlettered anything this whole week and today was a good day as any to practise. I’m noticing I’m most comfortable lettering in this style, although sometimes I do try to variate a bit since I’m still exploring. I’ve noticed finding a style with lettering is just as involved as it is with art (which I still feel far from having figured out yet… all in due time).
The leafy doodling was fun. I did all of it in acrylic ink which gave us both a break to do something easier going since the last two paintings created a strain between us (Am I personifying the ink a bit too much? Lol =^_^=).

For more about Inktober follow this link.


6 thoughts on “‘Be Nice First’ [Inktober Day 9]

  1. Your relationship with the ink doesn’t sound stable. lol. I hope you’re able to grow past these problems so that a symbiotic relationship can be enjoyed. lol While reading I was like, we, us, who is she talking about? Does she sketch with a partner, did I miss something? Inky and Sissh, making a go of it. I can say this, what you produce is beautiful. I love looking at art. I take something with me each time I do.

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    1. Lol! Your comment made me laugh so hard. Thank you ^_^I’ll keep at it and try to move past the frustration. I’m sure in time I’ll get the hang of it.
      I feel the same way about art – its truely a marvel. ♥

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