Inktober 2016

Ink Silhouette [Inktober Day 7]


This silhouette was tougher to do than I thought. I have done silhouettes before in watercolour but ink is another ball game.
In my mind I would use the bloom technique and the running technique (I still haven’t found out if these are the correct terms but they seem fitting), but it just was not happening. Anyway if you blur your eyes a bit you can kinda see what I was going for. The background space was mess; the more I tried to fix it the starker the line became so I left off since I had so little time anyway.




8 thoughts on “Ink Silhouette [Inktober Day 7]

  1. My first response when seeing this was, wow! It was the kind of wow you say, then everything around you slows down and you look wide eyed in astonishment. It’s the tones and what looks like lightning splitting beautiful gradients that moves me so. I really like the stark contrasts and how the color gradient is controlled inside the darkest contrast. There’s always something so moving for me when I create and or see others create loose, wet edges.

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