Inktober 2016 · Line-art

Continuous Line Drawing [Inktober Day 5]

​For todays piece I thought I’d try the drawing in the contunuous line technique. I hadn’t really tried it before because it honestly didn’t seem possible but my goodness was I proved wrong. This took roughly 15 minutes at most and it suprised me how possible it was to create something postable. It took me holding the pen loosely and creating a little distance between me and the drawing to get it done. I thought I’d have proportion and shading issues but I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t know why I was ever scared to try this before.
Confession: I did lift the pen off the page a few places but I continued from the same place so I think that still counts. =^_^=
Credit: I copied this character from an artist (@ericanthonyj) that I just recently discovered on instagram.

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11 thoughts on “Continuous Line Drawing [Inktober Day 5]

    1. I guess thats a good thing lol. But there were areas that got darker than I would’ve liked because of having to keep the line moving (like the eye and nose for eg.) but i suppose its not that noticeable – thanks! 🙂


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