Inktober 2016 · Landscapes

Ink Landscape I [Inktober Day 4]

Acrylic ink on 250gsm paper. I give it a number because I’m so sure it won’t be the only landscape I do this month in ink.

Todays painting is of an imagined landscape using only acrylic ink and an aquabrush.

I loved creating this. I thoroughly enjoy the way ink plays around on paper; the way you can guide it around by manipulating its attraction to water or drop it on a wet area and watch it fan out and dance. Also I love the simplicity of not having to choose colours but knowing I can add a dash of colour if I’d like and it wouldn’t get messed up is also nice.

You may notice a slighly sepia tone in areas… thats ’cause in natural light the pigment has a slight brown tint to it that I didn’t want to lose in the editing process (it kept getting too greyscale so I added a warm photo filter).
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15 thoughts on “Ink Landscape I [Inktober Day 4]

  1. Gorgeous! I love how atmospheric this is and the strong composition. The whole piece has a Japanese feel to it. Have you ever tried Sumi ink and brushes? I love that you are challenging yourself to do different things for Inktober.

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    1. Thank you! I’m suprised at myself I feel like I’ve been coasting just a bit lately so the experimenting feels great. I love Sumi-e but the inks and brushes are a bit difficult to come by around here. Definitely on my list though! Have you tried Sumi inks?

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    1. Thank you Faith – I’m really glad my experiments are enjoyable to you as well! 🙂
      Lol tea is just the best; more tea art would be awesome! I can’t say I have a favourite tea, but I do LOVE Earl Grey lately. …By San I’m thinking you mean San Francisco? In which case I’d have to tell you I’m not from there at all; I’m South African – home of rooibos/ red tea – have you ever tried it? ^_^


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