Inktober 2016

Anemone [Inktober – Day 3]

I felt I wanted to try some realistic flowers today and chose one of my favourite – the Anemone. And played around with a composition. It was a toss up between it and the Poppy. I love how delicate and slightly strange these flowers are and of course the history they have in mythology down to the many meanings they have in different societies. My fav. meaning being ‘anticipation of good things to come’ and ‘daughter of the wind’.

Its condensed message according to is “Look forward to the future and don’t forsake the ones you love. Something new is always around the corner, no matter how dark things might look right now” (For more click here.).

Anyway drawing this took quite a while. I was excited starting off but got tired by the time I was going over the last flower with a fineliner.

I managed better with hatching this time round and used the blue indian ink to paint the petals. But I couldn’t help going over with a little purple watercolour after doing the yellow bit on the top flower… and then green in the leaves and stems.

Please don’t mind the picture quality I had to use my camera which isn’t that great anymore.
For Inktober info visit the page here.


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