Inktober 2016 · Line-art · Watercolour

Floral Ink [ Inktober Day 2]

Fineliner, acrylic ink and watercolour

For today’s piece I used a fineliner over a pencil sketch and although I did a whole page in my sketchbook practising hatching, crosshatching, stippling and the like with the fineliner (I found an artist on Youtube named Alphonso Dunn who has lots and lots of very useful pen and ink tutorials), but in the end I chickened out of using the techniques in an actual drawing. (I feel I still need a lot more practise lol). So instead (after putting the drawing aside for most of the afternoon), I decided to use acrylic ink for shading.

The thing about drawing in with pen is I’ve had to be more decided about how I wan’t my image to look and I’m not used to that but I’m loving the push. Usually I let myself be lazy about the sketching part but in this case I had to know from the get go and plan out the detail from early on. This is more freeing and enjoyable than laziness will convince you!

When I was done I couldn’t help but add that little bit of colour in –  a soft pink (Alizarin Crimson + Vemillion Hue + Chinese White) and sap green, here and there.


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6 thoughts on “Floral Ink [ Inktober Day 2]

  1. I draw and sketch with a fine liner because it does not let me obsess which means I can relax and just sketch. If there are lines I don’t like then I overlook them until I’m done. I can always trace or white out then do a very light print off. When I sketch in pencil it takes much longer bc I question myself and erase a lot.

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    1. I hope I can get to that level in drawing with a fineliner. Right now the pencil is my friend lol I’m the opposite – pencil helps me relax into the drawing whereas the fineliner makes me panic that I might mess it up. But I didn’t think about using white… I’ll have to give that a try.


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