Inktober 2016 · Line-art

But first, tea. [Inktober Challenge – Day 1]

I ‘d say a nice cuppa tea is a good way to get things going… goodness knows I’m a heavy procraTEAnator… =^_^=

I had just made a cup and was looking through my weheartit canvas for inspiration when I found an image of a woman holding a cup of tea and thought ‘perfect, I’ll draw this for day 1 of Inktober’… then I realised I’d actually have to draw the hand. I almost changed my mind but reminded myself the whole point is to challenge myself for this month.

I focused so hard on getting the hands to look like hands that I realise now I should’ve focused a bit more on shading as well. I’m thinking I might go back into it with inks or with pen after I do some practise shading techniques. (Which I really should get down to sooner rather than later).

Useful links:

Inktober Info Page

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9 thoughts on “But first, tea. [Inktober Challenge – Day 1]

    1. Thanks Laura.^_^ And yes, I agree, stronger shading would be great – I realise I’m being too hesitant to go for it… I think tomorrow I should do thumbnails of shading practise to get comfortable with it…

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