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Acrylic Abstract Paintings

Enchanted Passage, acrylic on canvas A3
Acrylic on canvas A4

I played around with acrylics over the weekend, creating larger abstract pieces. I don’t know; I thought I had decided to narrow down my focus but here I am exploring even farther. I can’t help it though, abstract has a way of pulling a person in and I love it. Its a great way to get lost in the zone when it all gets too much. Not that you should have a reason to do that though…but yeah. Here are one finished piece (Enchanted Passage) and one half finished piece (the one with the waterfall) which I felt too excited about not to show.

I showed Enchanted Passage to my nieces and they said they saw a river and light (as well as some birds in areas) which was great (though the birds weren’t planned into the painting). Interestingly they also said they saw a dog playing guitar/a banjo while floating along which made me laugh but I found interesting. 😀



12 thoughts on “Acrylic Abstract Paintings

    1. Pink is such an easily overlooked colour (to me anyway…) but it sure does go well with a lot of other colours – this was a fun one to create and I’m glad you like it as well, thank you. ^_^


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