Concept Character sketch cont.

*note* I don’t know how it happened but this post never uploaded. I was using the mobile app to write it out and everything seemed as usual… anyway I’ve decided to post it up as is(/was) and move along.

I didn’t want to post this last night… but now I feel like I’ve posted worse on this blog as all part of my learning and growing process so should I change that now. I mean yes it would be great if I could create awesome stuff that I feel 100% about all the time but thats not being realistic.

Anyway working a lower body onto the first part took me ages to do. I lost count of the outfits I sketched and erased until this. I decided to just go with it for now and leave room mentally for changes in future and rather focus on getting stuff done instead.


7 thoughts on “Concept Character sketch cont.

  1. I know from experience that it is hard when posting something that in your mind doesn’t look great…..but we are our own worse critic and sometimes it helps to let it get out there. It does help with growth 🙂 I love the sketchiness of it and also the pose is loose and realistic… are working I can tell on improving, it shows. Keep on girl!

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    1. Thank you Margaret, I really appreciate your saying all this- its rather comforting when all the work doesn’t equate with the idea in your head its hard to tell if you’ve done well or not. If only we could turn that inner critic off sometimes just for a bit lol.


  2. I like it and think this has potential. I like how natural the pose is. I do think the hair is too bright for the rest of the piece as it really draws the eye upwards and out of the drawing. I would advise either making the hair a bit more tonally in line with the rest of the piece or adding some brighter elements throughout to guide the eye around.

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  3. I really like the fall of her jacket.

    100% about all the time but thats not being realistic – very true. I don’t always feel confident that each painting I create or each poem I create is my A game. I have come to understand that I’m not competing with my last art piece. I don’t have to out do the last creation, out wow it. That competition shouldn’t exist. There’s also the difficulty of feeling that some readers might think you are slipping and have lost your edge and will move on to their next muse………. or maybe that’s just me….. 🙂 I’ll have to think about that.

    Your art is good.

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    1. Thank you Faith, that really means a lot! Your words are so true that the internal competition between pieces/creations shouldn’t exist and that it is difficult navigating the many negative thoughts that come about. As frustrating as it is to have to go through these thoughts I’m finding that its a good thing; because we learn to appreciate the individual piece and the effort, energy and creativity that goes into it in the end. Hard though it is, its a lesson I keep having to be mindful of! I also think if you keep at it most people recognize your efforts and are more supportive than critical, like you 🙂 – I really appreciate your comment!


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