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Waterfall landscape

​This was painted in watercolour. I like waterfalls but I’ve only attemped one in abstract. I’m not super excited about the results I got here. I’m always persuaded to go a minimalist route and I like that I succeeded but I can’t help feeling I could  have done something different. I’m thinking maybe its the colours? Maybe tones or a more dynamic palette… I dont know. For now its okay though.


8 thoughts on “Waterfall landscape

      1. yes I do and it does really help, I especially use it when I am frustrated and I know something doesn’t look right and it helps me to figure it out. I also have my family members use the mirror trick. I am wanting to purchase a smaller mirror to take with me when I plein air, in fact I was looking for one yesterday.

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      2. That sounds like an awesome little trick I should make it a point to remember to make use of it! Carrying a small mirror for plein air would be smart and definitely come in handy – hope you find the perefect one for your purposes! ^_^

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  1. I like the painting and I like minimalism in watercolor and abstract but I keep going for bold acrylic.

    I’ve not tried the mirror thing but I have turned the painting upside down and looked at it that way. I’ve put it in a frame without glass, hung it up and looked at it from a distance. I can usually spot the problem very quickly.

    While I prefer to work with acrylics, I love watercolor paintings.

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    1. Thank you. I also work with acrylics sometimes and find them to be an absolute joy – I can understand why you would prefer them. 🙂
      Those are some pretty nifty tricks you got there. I’ve noticed with framing a painting you do get a special perspective on it, but I’ve never thought to use it this way…very useful indeed!


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