Text/Hand lettering · Watercolour

“When painting there is no time for cleaning”

The other day I posted up a wreath without a quote. Over at instagram a fellow artist mentioned this would be a good quote to go on it. I found it rather funny but also very true! And just had to write it out. Lol 


8 thoughts on ““When painting there is no time for cleaning”

    1. Heya! ^_^ thanks for asking it feels like a compliment! Lol. Well, I use 3 different methods; sometimes I use fineliners (made by Unipin, Edding and Rotring) in different sizes (not out of choice but just because of availability at my local stationary/art shop but I do love them just the same) I also use a Copic Ciao brushpen (more than anything) which has a nice flexible point tip on one end but also a chisel tip on the other, I haven’t tried any other brush pens but I chose this one because I heard good things about it and I haven’t had reason to explore (though I might in time) and finally I also write (and paint) with watercolour paint or sometimes diluted acrylic ink using a small brush or an aquabrush. 😀 I hope that helped!

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