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Character Sketches

So I’m still having a dry spell in terms of getting something paint worthy. But there’s hope… I’ve got these sketches that are looking promising but still have a little a long way to go.

She is an elfin character. I’m more happy about this drawing than the others but I’m not sure… I need to add more detail or figure out how I’ll be painting. Choosing colours is also giving me a problem..
This one is fantasy inspired but lacking in detail… I’m not sure where I want to go with it.
She is a character I generated using the Seventh Sanctum website (a quick google lead me there) . She is a playful girl with pale skin, slanted eyes, and long blue hair that reminds you of a river… I won’t put the whole description but I’m using it to practise drawing specific characters to challenge myself.
This was a picture of a model that made me want to create a character…still needs fleshing out.



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