Portraits · Watercolour

Green Haired Lady

​I tried going darker on the skin here. I mixed a little prussian blue, a little alizarin crimson, a little burnt sienna (because I panicked about the crimson) and lots of burnt umber.

I tried doing a few skin tone swatches but I don’t feel like I’m getting it as I still experiment when I’m doing an actual painting so it kinda feels like I may be wasting time on it. (Theres a part of my brain -the sensible part I think – telling me I should do it anyway though so I will keep at it).

The hair colour was a mistake; I had pthalo blue on my palette and when I went to pick it up I somehow had burnt umber on my brush so it made this teal-y dark green. I’m really liking it though and the flat brush (another experiment) made nice wavy curls (this was so much fun I painted more hair than intended).



6 thoughts on “Green Haired Lady

  1. Her hair is definitely what Bob Ross would call a “happy mistake”! You are getting such wonderful skin tones. Maybe the swatching is a helpful part of the process still.

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