Portraits · Watercolour

Teal Pony


I had a go at this style of painting again. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Going over with the lines makes me feel like I’m allowing myself to do something I previously was being strict about for no reason at all. I put so many boundaries sometimes without realising it.
Now that I’m back to this illustrative style I have to think about backgrounds again… I’m gonna try not to worry about it though and just go with it. Hopefully inspiration will strike and I’ll find someway of filling up the space in time.



4 thoughts on “Teal Pony

  1. As I looked at this pretty painting as a song called Ebony Eyes by Bob Welch came on the oldies station on the radio. How appropriate! Woman, there are enough rules in life that we don’t need to add more for ourselves, but alas, we do sometimes! I recently heard someone say they don’t make fine art, but rather they make fun art. I like that motto! Love the blue hair on this beauty 🙂

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    1. I wish I knew that song – sounds like a song worth knowing…interesting it should come on at that particular moment. I love it when moments like that happen!
      Fun art sounds like great art to me! 😀 it really is a great motto! Taking it easy is a lot harder than it sounds but so worth it!

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