Portraits · Watercolour

Blue Dreaded Girl


I’m so happy about the way I painted this! I was inspired by an artist named Jacquelin de Leon. I was on youtube and one of her videos came up as recomnended; it looked cool so I watched it.
It made me think back on when I started and how I’d use lines around my paintings and I forgot why I ever stopped doing that since I do enjoy it.

This time however I used a copic ciao marker to draw in the lines instead of a fineliner. I must say I love the thicker lines.

I over worked the cheek though and the paper couldn’t handle it so there are visible crinkles in that area. I tried ironing them out but that only made it worse. Finally I flattened it under some weight and that helped a little. I should’ve started with that…
Also, I worked on a larger, A4 sheet of paper which I also haven’t done in a while.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get started on the next one!



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