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Busy Busy Busy

Today I have a mixed-up post.  Firstly I want to show you some sketches I’m really happy with. I’ve gotten five drawings better (in my mind when I started off I would draw a whole lot of rubbish sketches before I got one right, then that went to about 3 now I’m at 4/5 good drawings in a row AND on a single page lol)

I didn’t even have time to clean these up. But yeah I consider this progress! 😀
The scanner cut this off and I don't have the chance to re-scan but not much is cut off anyway.
The scanner cut this off and I didn’t have the chance to re-scan but not much is cut off anyway.

The most time consuming thing I did today was preparing to ship off some originals that have been purchased (^_^!!!).
I revamped my image and I’m loving the new look. I used my little doodle cutouts to create a new invoice template, and business cards, finally.
And then I also painted bookmarks to go with (I love adding freebies – who doesn’t ^_^). I love mail and equally love posting stuff so putting it all together was tons of fun.

cutting up the printed business cards
cutting up the printed business cards.
Final business card design... tried to keep it super simple.
Final business card design… tried to keep it super simple… and yeah I added digital art on there ^_^ – I think I’d like to pursue this more seriously and putting it on the card seals the deal in my mind.

And Finally, I also have pictures of the little bunny I mentioned a while ago… its been 3 weekends already and I haven’t been able to get it right.
Adding in the eyes and mouth (which I’ve decided to embroider) is rather tough. I only get to crochet on weekends and I’ve made 2 bunnies already and while my nieces love them I’m hoping third times the charm with this one. lol *crossing fingers*

If you’re interested – this is the pattern here.


This is the latest bunny – so far I’ve sewed his head, body and one foot… slow progress I know!
This was the first bunny (before doing the eyes) basically the pieces come together to look like this. Also I changed the needle I was using ’cause the stitches weren’t tight enough.


Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!



6 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Great sketches, Sissh. Your invoices and business cards look clean, beautiful, and professional all at the same time. The little bunny is adorable too. Looks like you had a very productive weekend, and here’s to a new week full of great possibilities!! 🌹

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  2. Love your sketches and you have inspired me to keep working at my own – only make progress like that if you keep at it, right? And the bunny looks like it will be adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

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