abstract · Watercolour

Heights and Depths

Watercolour on 300gsm cold pressed paper A5

I can’t really say I did much by way of technique in this one. I tried to be more free with the brush strokes and succeeded a bit. Using my largest round brush was a huge help. I’ve been putting my aquabrush aside more and more lately and am loving the freedom of varying brush shapes and sizes. I think this comes in bouts – sometimes I can’t imagine not using the aquabrush and having to decide which of all those brushes to use is daunting but other times its a simple decision and I can imagine what the outcome would be. And then ofcourse other times I used both.



3 thoughts on “Heights and Depths

  1. I have a few aqua brushes, but have never liked the way they work. What do you love about them? I love a big floppy squirrel hair round brush that splishes and splashes and flops with freedom – LOL – but maybe that is why I can’t achieve any artistic detail – hahahah!

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    1. The aquabrush makes painting so much simpler and efficient and having no water to clean is a plus… but I’ve noticed the washes dry really light because the brush is always wet and layering isnt as fun. I’d say they’re great for plein air or quick simple paintings but I’m still figuring it out.
      And yeah I must agree natural brushes are the best! Must be why your art is always so vibrant, fun and exciting 🙂 or equal parts brush + your personality more like. Smaller brushes are good for detail but I haven’t quite figured those out yet either (I just use colour pencils or pens for detail) but anyway right now its broad, fun brush strokes for me as well ^_^

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