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Doodles & Hand-lettering

This is me working on my hand-lettering style… progress.
watercolour doodle

I only have doodles and hand-lettering practise for today.

These are lyrics from one of my favourite songs by The Killers
ink doodle

I managed to cut them out digitally which was fun but took quite a chunk of time. I feel like my digital editing skills have gotten lots better since I started.

watercolour doodles
pen doodle

What I wanted to try was merging the text with the doodles and I think I can do that more easily now I’ve figured out how to remove the background. (I’m still working on the paintings though – those are a lot tougher to edit)

experimenting with style some more ^_^



12 thoughts on “Doodles & Hand-lettering

  1. Not always but In many cases the the same procedure of removing the background works,
    depending of course on what you are trying to edit and what software/tool you are using.
    If i assume correctly you want to merge painting with the doodling,
    then you capture the finished doodling project, you super-impose it on the painting,
    arrange correct placing and remove the doodling background.

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    1. Hmm that sounds like a great tip! I’ll try that out. I’m using Gimp and I want to see if I can clear the backgrounds of painting splatters and such and keep it looking natural while still being able to play and move things around. If you say it works pretty much the same way then that takes a load off the brain 😀 thanks!


      1. I only use Windows 7 Outlook Express software, part of a limited discounted version
        very crude but does the job.
        It still takes a bit of work but after some brief practice it is usually a quick 3 step process.
        It takes more work if it does not work but eventually it does
        and only in rare cases where the background is heavy and part of a photo that it does not.
        This is what i could do with yours.

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      2. Sometimes the simpler programmes get the best results and are easier to get the hang of.
        What you’ve done is pretty cool! I want to see if I can get similar results 😀

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I also like seeing practise pieces from other artists but its always a bit tough putting your own out there. I’m so glad you like these. ^_^


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