abstract · Landscapes · Watercolour

Starry Reflections


This was an enjoyable abstract. It was one of three that I started simultaneously yesterday. One fell flat; so bad I can’t bear to look at it. This was the second worst at one point. The third is only about 82% done.

I like this because I see so many things. And while I didn’t want to influence what is seen by others, I gave it a title because I did have a vision in mind. (One which I lost and gained many times lol).



17 thoughts on “Starry Reflections

    1. Lol! Eeek. Politics are tough these days all round (we ourselves will be voting tomorrow and I’m dreading it).
      Thats a lovely thing to say about my art though (the cosmic part lol) thanks! ^_^

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  1. Very short comment, I am on my mini-vacation. lol I love your abstracts, put on some music, get into your routine that takes you “there” wherever there is and don’t judge while you paint. You have a lot to say and with these cosmic abstracts….wow….love them! okay….got to go, relax. lol

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