Landscapes · Watercolour

Sunset Shorline


I went with a landscape today. It was a painting I had started probably over two months ago but I can’t remember the exact frustration that made me put it aside. I probably wanted to keep it simple but at the time had less control over watercolour and so decided to leave it. I’ve done that before.
I love using cold pressed paper but have such a hard time editing the bumps out. I think my attenps worked better this time round. Although if I tilt my laptop screen I still see every bump across the page. Oh well… *shrugs*



10 thoughts on “Sunset Shorline

  1. Hi Sissh! Not sure why you set it aside because the colors are really pretty, and the cold press paper gives it great texture. I love cold press paper and use it most of the time; maybe I will try the hot press today 🙂

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    1. Thanks Carol that means a lot. 🙂
      I must agree cold press paper does have a lovely texture thats fun to paint on. I hope you enjoy hot press if you do 🙂 it also has its joys.

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