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Floral Abstract | Day 24 World Watercolor Month


Today I remembered this painting and how fun it was to paint using only two colours. I tried that way again today using only Vermillion (hue) and Yellow Ochre.
I also wanted to paint flowers but I didn’t want to use ink or doodle (although thats lots of fun too), so I painted them right in.
I only outlined everything at the end when I felt there wasn’t enough definition but I didn’t want to risk further fiddling since the colours were not getting any darker. (this took soo much control – usually I can simply add a little burnt umber or a blue in there), so I used a black polychromos pencil lightly over it.


Hope you had a great weekend ^_^



12 thoughts on “Floral Abstract | Day 24 World Watercolor Month

  1. She is so pretty, Sissh, and kudos to you on your self-restraint! BTW, I received my Redbubble tote today and I love it! It is the perfect size for my travel art items, and the image on the tote is excellent. My only suggestion is that you put your signature on your work, especially the ones for sale at RB 🙂 Hope you had a terrific Sunday! 🌹

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    1. Thank you Carol. It’s so exciting that you purchased an item!! There’s no way I can tell who it is that has bought something, its a bit frustrating because then I can’t say thank you directly. I’m sooo glad you like your tote! 😀 and thank you! for buying it. ♥ I will definitely take your advice about having signed images up there – I’ll have to fix that asap. 🙂

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