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Happy Fun Time | Day 21 World Watercolor Month


I spent most of my time crocheting today (I’m making this cute little amigurumi bunny for a friend – I’ll post it when I’m done IF it looks cute lol). I stopped in the middle and painted this 30 minute abstract and let it dry while I went on crocheting.

If I think about what I see, I’d say this is how making cute little animals makes me feel ^_^ – all light and playful.



11 thoughts on “Happy Fun Time | Day 21 World Watercolor Month

  1. Hi Sissh! Such fun, whimsical painting! Also, I love that you crochet and am sure the bunny will adorable! I have crocheted since I was about 8 years old, and you will never guess who taught me – my dad! I had received a kit at Christmas that year to crochet pot holders but was having difficulty understanding the directions. My mom was very busy with all the mom stuff of having 5 kids and I didn’t want to bother her with it, so I showed it to my dad one evening. I remember him putting on his reading glasses and reading the instructions. He helped me make a slip knot and showed me how to start the chain, and after I practiced that for a while we moved on to a single crochet. From then on I was, well, hooked! I now make baby blankets to donate to our local hospital, and hopefully one day I will make some for my grandchildren, if we are so blessed :). Okay, sorry to get off track. Isn’t it funny how me reading that you crochet can bring back such a lovely memory, though? Hugs!

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    1. Wow Carol that is such a wonderful memory! I’m so happy I had a part in your remembering and even more so you shared it that just warmed my heart in such a sweet way 😀 I imagine your dad as a really awesome person. And I love that you make blankets to donate – you’re such a spectacular person to use your time and talent in such an honorable way. I’m pretty sure your grandchildren will be blessed themselves! ^_~

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