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Curly Girl Illustration | Day 19 World Watercolor Month


There’s still a stiffness in my drawings that I can’t get rid of. I can never see it as I’m drawing – only after all the hard work is done. I’ll have to look for specific tutorials to help with this, but for now I hope it’s not too obvious.



21 thoughts on “Curly Girl Illustration | Day 19 World Watercolor Month

  1. Darn….I lost my comment. I’ll start over 🙂 the left side is soft, perhaps it is the line on her face and left shoulder that lends a stiffness perhaps? if you were to soften up that line or break up the lines? I think it is natural especially if you have to get your line drawing down first. You have such a light and sensitive handling with your paintings, I don’t see where it would be hard for you to soften any stiffness. I don’t see it as stiff as you do. I think the lines and the arm giving it a more solid appearance. Sounds like I keep repeating myself, sorry. Loosening up is hard! anyway, I love what you have been doing lately. 🙂

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    1. Your comment helped me see better where I’m having trouble. I do tend to make my lines more continuous as I build the drawing up. I think if I broke the lines up as you suggest the perspective wouldn’t be so blocky – or solid – as you describe. I’ve also read somewhere about thick and thin lines being useful for loosening a drawing a bit as well. These are things I definitely should work on… I’m glad I have a better idea of where to start! Margaret – thank you so much for your keen eye – I truly appreciate it. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Ann. I appreciate your take on this one. I’ve thought about softening the features a bit in the past but I feel as though the expression I paint kind masks certain areas where I need to put in more work. The expression (for me) sometimes becomes the painting – or a large portion of it anyway. With her somewhat blank face here I get to see I need to work on the pose and a little bit on shading (- which is the same for most of my fuller body drawings). I’m sure I’ll be drawing pretty smiling girls soon enough though! 😀


  2. I personally don’t see your work as stiff. However, I do understand your problem as I have the same issue. I can start off loose and then it all tightens up again as the drawing or painting progresses. It’s difficult trying to find that balance.

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    1. I appreciate that Laura 🙂 It’s better if we know what the problem is I think or what we do wrong – at least this way we can work on it. I hope we get to finding that balance sooner with practice.

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  3. This is gorgeous, I love her curly hair so much! Your art doesn’t come across as stiff, but I definitely know the feeling of fighting my own criticism when I’m working on something. Have fun and know that everything you create is beautiful! ❤

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    1. Yeah, that inner critic just doesn’t know when to stop sometimes – its rather frustrating at times. I’ll keep your kindness in mind for whenever I need it! ^_^Thank you, Annie 🙂

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  4. This is really beautiful! I hadn’t noticed any stiffness but I know when you pick up on something in your work it can be hard to ignore, it’s good that you want to fix it and improve! (not that you need to improve at all, your drawings are amazing! xx)

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    1. Thank you Liv! Thats so true it IS hard to unsee something not so nice about your work… But what’s art if not to challenge and improve. I so appreciate your support 🙂


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