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Pink and Green | Day 15 World Watercolor Month


I couldn’t quite get it right today. It was supposed to be big drops of colour randomly applied on the page – not falling within the lines at all (…maybe I should’ve used more abstract colours).
So I did start off with big drops but I couldn’t help sweeping the colour back in towards the lines (you can see the light bits of green/yellow on her back where I blotted the colour out and swept it back towards her. grrr lol).

I like the line art though (the hands turned out better than I usually manage) and the softer application of colour as well. But I’m going to try work on this one a little more tomorrow. Maybe just darken the lines a bit or add more tone or add the drops and let them be as I had planned. We’ll see. ^_^



27 thoughts on “Pink and Green | Day 15 World Watercolor Month

      1. Oh yes! It does help quite a lot to hear others’ opinions on your art. If a picture is worth a thousand words I’m sure the artist sees only a fraction of them.

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    1. Thanks Laura! I almost couldn’t stop myself flinging and spraying that paint all over 😀 I’m glad it wasn’t overkill. And thanks about the hands – they can be rather difficult. ^_^

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    1. Thanks Jodi. 🙂 it’s pretty cool that you want to draw faces! They can be so rewarding. I’m certainly not that great yet myself but I’ve found that planning out proportions does wonders (I do the circle and jawline method using lines to plot out feature placement) and do lots of little sketches for practise. Also, sketching out the features seperately and at different angles first also helped me a lot. That way drawing the full face is less overwhelming and more like joining a puzzle instead :). I hope this helped. Basically its down to lots of sketching practise but I’m so sure you’ll get the hang drawing faces in no time!

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      1. It just takes practice and it will make your paintings even better Jodi. I resisted it for years but wow once I dug my heels in, oh am I happy now that I sketch regularly. One comment I would give re the sketching with faces is that a very light touch is called for. Lines are a human construct, I read this in an art book once, and it is totally true. So you don’t want to draw lines. You want a face that is well-lit with nice shading and not someone you know, those are harder. And you just want to focus on drawing the shadow shapes. Don’t think eyes, nose, etc because that will move you into your left brain and that is not where art lives. Draw the shadow shapes very lightly or use a hard pencil such as a 4H or 5H, something that won’t make a dark mark. And then as you feel confident that the shapes are giving you an idea of where your features are, start to darken those lines, moving to the lower H numbers or even to a regular #2 and the B pencils. The higher the B number, the softer the lead and the darker the mark. The higher the H number, the harder the lead, the less graphite and the lighter the mark. Let me know if you need anything else. I would love to paint faces too! But I shy away.

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      2. You can’t go wrong with Faber-Castell or koh-i-noor, even prismacolor makes a decent graphite pencil but here is what I would do. There are sets you can buy but they would all be the same brand name. I would buy a few open stock and see which brand appeals to you most. I can give you links if you want. Oh Jodi. You are in for a wonderful journey of sketching. And the sketchbook Kirk recommended to me a year ago, very inexpensive but very decent paper! It is the one for this, because it is so cheap that you won’t mind “wrecking it” and you’ll draw anything and everything that calls you. And yes, at first they won’t be good because whose are? But over time you will start to see that little book fill with wonderful sketches, better each time. I date mine and write what I used to make it, because it really helps me later to see what brand of whatever did I use and how long ago did I do this and now look how much better I am with the same type of flower, you know, that kind of thing. I can email you links if you want. Its a long book too, will hold lots of progress. All the money I’ve spent on “good” sketchbooks I’m afraid to wreck with my drawings. That cheaper one is now my favorite. It even takes light WC sketches!!

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    1. Oh not at all Laura! I actually learned quite a bit from reading you comments. Jodi won’t be the only one benefiting from your fantastic advise! I’m just glad you took the time to write it out – it was all very useful. Thank you! 😀

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      1. I really do enjoy it. Thanks Sissh. Particularly when helping means increasing anyone’s ability to make / enjoy art. If I weren’t closer to 50 than 40, I’d go back to school and be an art teacher. (I’m an accountant lol. But a public acct. I do love helping people. Always have. ❤️)

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      2. An accountant huh oh thats pretty cool. 🙂 But I wouldn’t say its too late hey. You’re not that old and the internet makes lots of things possible these days… 🙂

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