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Colourful Mess | Day 14 World Watercolor Month


So today was not that great a painting day.

I messed up a painting because I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to pursue the ultra simplistic style I did a few days ago, or this more abstract style that I’ve gotten really into. I guess I’m not really ready to settle to one style after all.

So after I realised I’d messed this one up I went on with it anyway (it doesn’t happen often but sometimes I’m stubborn for no good reason), I added more paint, tried making areas darker, added a bit more splashes (that always adds oomph to a piece) but it all managed to look out of place somehow, so I tried making more paint run down the page, still didn’t work (I thought it just looked messy). I also added gauche to try make the colours more solid/opaque and that kinda helped (surprisingly).
Finally I darkened the background and added doodles and outlines with both a black ink pen and white gel pen. (sorry I didn’t take progress shots but I didn’t have time for that :/)

If I learnt anything though its that I really don’t enjoy adding too many colours in one painting. If I wasn’t sure before now I really am.
The odd thing though is somehow I like it, messed up as it is.



10 thoughts on “Colourful Mess | Day 14 World Watercolor Month

      1. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about that this week. I’ve found two places that sell prints and products that I’m happy with and I’ve already uploaded a few pieces on there. I’ll be writing a post with the links and pictures in the morning… Im still so shy about it but I’d love to see how they do.


  1. Impressive.
    You’re good, just good. I love the natural full hair and hit holds the color instead of the background. Although I don’t know who this person is, I recognize her in many of your art pieces. Is she a character or a little more close to home? Whomever she is, she’s beautiful.

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    1. I so love your comment about how the hair holds the colour and not the background. I wasn’t thinking about it at the time but now I realise my love of natural hair played a part in this painting.
      I’m also happy you see a connection between my paintings but no she’s not a person I know or even a character (even though I do enjoy making them up). 🙂 I suppose thats just where my head was at the time? Natural haired women? Idk


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