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Girl Looking Back Minimal | Day 10 World Watercolor Month


I didn’t do so great with today’s painting. Unlike yesterdays, I don’t feel quite like I’ve gotten all the detail I need, even though I actually have more detail.:/
Painting in this minimalist style is a lot tougher once the inspiration runs out. I’m really curious to find out what sort of results I can get when I’m comfortable with it though so I’m pressing on. I think I need to go bolder, and surer with my colours and strokes. Can’t wait to try my next one; I have a few sketches that I’m willing to experiment on so perfection is out of the way in my next trial(s) I guess.:)


7 thoughts on “Girl Looking Back Minimal | Day 10 World Watercolor Month

    1. I’m glad you like it. Your words lend so much sense to my thoughts! Thank you. 🙂 I’ve realised ‘more paint’ doesn’t make me feel good about a painting so hopefully I’ll figure out what does soon enough. ^_^

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  1. She might not be as minimalistic as you’d like, but she is beautiful and delicate and has a romance about her. I really like the softness of the minimal splatter background and the pop of green in her headband.

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